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We believe in innovative, progressive engineering solutions that meet the challenges and expressions of architecture. Our team of expert structural engineering designers analyzes structural components and systems of all types. The Elite3 team provides exceptional service and alternative economical solutions.

Our full-service and capabilities include :

Steel building & concrete building design & analysis.

Our service includes full concrete & steel building design & analysis using structural software.

Aluminum structure design & analysis

Our service includes screen rooms, carports, awnings, pool enclosures, and many more.

Timber structure design

Our service includes timber beams, trusses, arches, and frames including the connection design based on design loads.

  Foundation & Retaining wall design

Our service includes the design of wall footings, isolated footings, mat foundations, and pile foundations, with concrete retaining wall design.

 Rehabilitation and Renovation

Our service includes the design of structural reinforcement during the renovation of existing structures.

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